By Morten Kirk Johansen
In collaboration with Studio Other Spaces,
Olafur Eliasson and Sebastian Behmann.

This book is a tribute to the senses and the present. It is about nature, gastronomy, design, architecture and people - and not least how these components interact and together create an experience beyond the ordinary.



By Erlend Høyersten, Director, AROS

When we enter a concert hall to listen to music we can imagine in advance what is going to happen all right. In many instances it is the same prejudiced expectation which precedes visiting an exhibition, going to the cinema, going to a dance show or visiting a restaurant. We would like to be reassured, because we measure quality against previous experiences after all. Better or worse than last time. But sometimes we seek something more — to challenge ourselves, to learn to think in a new way about something we already know well. The Lyst restaurant is this kind of place.

Lyst is many things. Building, interior and the many works of art are created by the artist Olafur Eliasson (b. 1967) and architect Sebastian Behmann (b. 1969) and set up to interplay like a symphonic piece of music (it turns out along the way). Furthermore the artist has been central in the formation of the conceptual platform on and from which the restaurant thinks gastronomy. In this way artistic creativity is the general condition.